The Fontfreda Pintures team has defined the values that guide our daily work and serve as our compass. They are our commitment to you.

With commitment and enthusiasm, we bring you practical and effective technical solutions.
We are a family-owned company with over 90 years of experience, deeply rooted in the cities and regions where we work and live. With a highly professionalized team, we always seek to protect our clients and the community amidst increasingly depersonalized and uncertain economic and commercial environments.

Since our inception, our company has been closely linked to art and aesthetics. Our mission is to promote beauty and satisfaction through change, improvement, and transformation.


We accompany individuals and businesses in the most effective technical and productive applications. We provide security to our clients and our community.


Facilitate the creation of construction, renovation, and decoration projects with value.

Added through close, committed, and quality service.

We democratize access to beauty, inspiration, and comfort.





It was in the early 1930s when Carles Fontfreda i Xaudiera, a former bank employee, decided to open a shop in front of the Church of Sant Esteve in Olot, right in the city center.

Due to its privileged location and the kindness of the person who opened it every morning in that house, which had been a former clergy dependency, it soon became a hub for interesting literary and artistic gatherings.

People in the early 20th century had a treasure that is hard to find today: time.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the counter, everything was sold: groceries, drugstore items, herbs, spices, chemicals, perfumery products, and of course, paints.


Postwar Era

After the postwar period, as the economic situation improved, the company began to grow.

The founder's son, Carles Fontfreda i Gratacós, was the architect of this gradual and continuous business growth. First with the opening of a warehouse that allowed them to sell wholesale, and later with a store dedicated exclusively to wallpaper sales, right in front of the original location.


Expansion to Figueres

Little by little, everything unrelated to painting and decoration disappeared, and a commercial network covering the main towns in the neighboring regions (Ripoll, Banyoles, Anglès...) was created.

Similarly, a partnership was formed in Figueres – Comercial Crusi – with a point of sale in the Empordà region, which later merged into Fontfreda Pintures.


3rd Generation

A third generation consolidated the three main business lines (Decoration, Industry, and Automotive), opened a store exclusively for Fine Arts supplies.

They also opened larger warehouses in both Olot and Figueres, expanded the commercial network throughout the province of Girona, and extended to Osona with the opening of a warehouse in Vic.

Additionally, the company was a pioneer in participating in the creation of the first wholesale buying group, under the brand Espàtula, which later integrated into the Pyma Group covering the entire country.


Present Day

Today, Fontfreda Pintures is deeply involved in a process of digitalization and incorporation of BI technologies and augmented reality as part of a new expansion and opportunity capture strategy.

A new generation, focused on improving the shopping experience for retail customers, is committed to providing increasing value to professional clients every day.

Offering both groups the knowledge acquired throughout its history and working with the best suppliers in the market.